• Vineyard Management & Consultancy

Our management visits are designed to be affordable.

Whether you are intending to plant a new vineyard or would appreciate one of our managers casting an expert eye over your established vineyard, we are here to help and advise you. The early recognition of any pest, disease or nutrient issues in your vineyard can save thousands of pounds if treated in a timely fashion. To get the best out of the management service we recommend a visit every 10 -12 days and ideally a few days before you spray your vines each time. We also offer ongoing full management, either on a temporary or permanent basis and we can also recommend what plant protection products to apply to your vines through the growing season to safeguard your fruit.

  • Pre-planting site suitability
  • Optimum planting density for your site
  • Post-planting care
  • Vineyard health checks & on-going management

To book in a management visit please get in touch.