Health and Safety and COVID-19


We are open for business. Please be assured that the health of our staff and customers is our first priority and we are taking every precaution to ensure we can deliver services safely.


Risks to staff and customers


  • Working too closely with other workers from a different household.
  • Working too closely together
  • Bad Sanitation and no amenities on site
  • Sanitation products running out.
  • People suddenly not feeling well.
  • Sharing tools or touching a contaminated surface.


Action Taken


  • Vine Care UK will ensure that the following amenities have been provided on site before workers are sent to a vineyard.
  • Good and clean toilet facilities
  • Good and clean hand washing facilities with antibacterial soap and wipes, a pedal bin.
  • Some form of shelter from weather


  • The welfare and wellbeing or each team will be checked every morning by a member of the operations team before arrival at site.


  • If a member of the team shows any known symptom of Coronavirus, they will then be asked to leave site and self-isolate for 7 days. The rest of the team will need to self-isolate for 14 days. The vineyard owner will be informed.


  • Vineyard Workers will only travel to and from site with the people in their household.


  • They must put on nitrile gloves underneath their normal gloves. Gloves must not be shared. Gloves should be used for operating machinery, handling tools, working in communal areas and traveling in shared vehicles. Essential where virus spores could be left by previous users.


  • Workers must at all times adhere to the 2 metre separation rule whilst on site.


  • Workers must not share tools, drinks or snacks.


  • They should wash and clean hands before and after breaks and as they leave site. They should put on new nitrile gloves whilst travelling home.


  • Workers should wear eye goggles to protect eyes whist in the vineyard.


  • Any other workers at the vineyard must respect the social distancing rules in place.


  • The same team will work in the vineyard until the job is complete, where possible.